(August 2019)  We are compiling 2019 Testimonials, and will be adding them to the site shortly.  Thankyou for your patience.


Associate Safety Professional

Matt: October 2018

"I used DataChem Software to help me prepare for the ASP and I certified last April. I believe the software was critical to my success."

Brian: September 2018

"I'm happy to report I passed the ASP on my first attempt with the assistance of DataChem Software again!"

Duane: April 2018

"I used the DATACHEM ASP online software to pass the ASP exam.  I really liked it.  I am in the process of purchasing the CSP online software."

Jon: October 2017

​"I passed the ASP Exam on Monday.  Your product was very helpful. Your questions were similar to those on the ASP Exam compared to other exam preparation products I have used in the past.  Keep up the good work."

Cardinal: 2017

"I passed the ASP exam. Thanks."

Carolyn: July 2016

"Out of all the study aids I used for the ASP, DataChem was the best."

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Certified Case Manager

Sherri:  August 2019

Good morning I just wanted to offer feed back on the Data Chem Software for the CCM exam. This is the second time I have used this product. I had passed the exam before and unfortunately let the certification expire resulting in having to re take the exam. (painful) Both times, I found the system extremely easy to use and the options of how, when, where to begin testing plus the options for review were excellent. I found the content in questioning of each domain relevant and enlightening. The method in which the questions are asked definitely prepared me for the exam even though there are no T/F or "exception" questions on the actual CCM exam, I found it beneficial to have them on the DataChem product to "prepare the mind" so to speak. The actual CCM exam was far easier than the DataChem questions I felt (or maybe the complexity of DataChem had me feeling that way) and did not go as deep as they could have with the content. They did make sure the important concepts and theory behind the questions were related to a CM's understanding. Having said that, the exam was constructed fairly and was indeed relevant. I wanted you to know I LOVE the DATACHEM software for preparation in testing for the exams. I had purchased more time than needed...Just in case...I failed and needed to continue studying. I have time left over for sale. lol Thank you for a great product. It for sure played a huge part in my passing the CCM exam.

B. Anderson: May 2018

"I used the DataChem software and passed the test on 4/30/18.  Absolutely loved your program.  I attribute my success to your program."

KG: April 2018

"Thank you so much - I passed the CCM exam!!! DataChem definitely helped me for sure!"

Priscilla: April 2018

"I took the National Case Management exam and I passed!!! with much help from the DataChem online test questions.  That is the second time I have used DataChem.. in 2005 I got the CRRN CD and I passed that as well.
Thank you so much.  I always recommend DataChem!!"

Joni: April 2018

"Just took my CCM test on 4/21/18 and passed! Your questions with the rationale answers not only helped but it allowed me to re-read each question and critically figure out what it was asking and then narrow out the best answers to that question and then by reviewing the rationale answer, I was able to see what I needed to improve on. Several questions or very close to its content were on my exam and helped me to feel much more comfortable. My only regret is that I started your software three weeks ago and not sooner (I kept putting it off). I have to tell you that I crammed as much info as I could in those three weeks and it worked! Thank you so much!! Best money I could have spent! It's not only knowing the correct answers to the question but truly understanding what is being asked and then narrow down to the best possible answer, this software helped!"

Wanda: August 2017

"I just passed my CCM. Thanks!!!

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Construction Health and Safety Technician

Bill:  August 2019

I just wanted to say thank you for your software. In searching for study materials to use for my CHST prep, many colleagues said to use DataChem. So I did. I will not mince words: Your program kicked my butt and was very challenging! But when I sat down yesterday for my CHST examination, it was like looking at your program...different but very familiar. Needless to say, but your program gave me the confidence I needed and reinforced my knowledge for yesterday's test. I am proud to say that I certified for my CHST yesterday, and I owe a huge portion of it to your program. I am now working on OHST certification and, of course, DataChem is a welcome part of the process. Thank you for your product!

AB: November 2018

"Just wanted to follow-up with you and to let you know that DataChem has been a tremendous help in my preparation to the CHST exam!"

Jonathan: May 2018

"I purchased DataChem only three days before my CHST exam.  I completed all 971 questions.  I did the ones I missed twice.  I Passed!!! Thank you for a great product!"

Raghu: February 2018

"I just got a chance to write my feedback about my CHST examination.  I scheduled my exam on 3rd Jan, 2018. I purchased the DataChem CHST exam on 26th Dec, 2017 and guess what.  One week of preparation (full time) I passed the CHST exam on one sit, 3rd Jan, 2018.  It was one of the best exam preparation methods that I found. DataChem was absolutely the best course I've had in a long time. It was structured perfectly; all the CHST course topics were covered perfectly with explanations."

Sidney: August 2017

"​I had purchased your system and passed my CHST on the first try."

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Certified Industrial Hygienist

Evan:  August 2019

Datachem is much more than a bank of questions! What I found most helpful was the practice test format.  I used that to identify my areas of weakness and spent all of my effort on those topics instead of working through tons of material that I was already proficient in.  

JG: June 2018

"The CIH program was the best of all the study materials I used."


Denis: May 2018

"I passed the CIH exam on Friday.  I bought three study aids and DataChem was the best by far."


JW: April 2018

"I am writing to let you know that I thoroughly enjoy your CIHprep software I purchased a month ago.  Because of the experience I am thinking about getting a CSPprep too."


Bruce: March 2018

"I passed, thanks, talk with you in 4 years."


Jeff: November 2017

"I passed the CIH.  The software was great!"


Robert: October 2017

"I thought highly of this training tool.  Passed the CIH exam this morning."

Robert: September 2017

"The CIHprep software has proven to be one of the greatest investments in my career.  It provided an important structure to focus my exam preparations, it helped me identify specific areas where I needed additional knowledge, and it provided a strategy for passing the CIH exam on my first attempt.

Investing in your CIH exam should begin with the use of CIHprep.

Thanks again for the great product.  I advise students to start with DataChem. It's a great way to assess where you are and what additional studying is needed."

Vikrum: June 2017

"DataChem Software was my primary means of preparation.  Going into the exam, I thought I knew a fair bit about IH and considered myself a technically sound practitioner of the field.

Taking the initial assessment on DataChem showed me....otherwise.  I would estimate that DataChem problems (specifically the calculation portions) were at least two to three times harder than what appeared on the exam. Hammering those questions for three hours a day over a two and a half month period allowed me to breeze through the exam.

Anyways, I can't say enough good things about your software as it is a truly great product."

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Certified Occupational Health Nurse - Specialist

Anna: September 2018

"Thank you DataChem! You were a key component in my testing success.  I sat for and passed my COHN-S certification."

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Certified Safety Professional

Kenan: August 2019

I am emailing to inform you that I have passed the CSP exam. DataChem material was very helpful in analysing the real exam questions. Thanks

JG: June 2018

"I only used the CSP program and passed the exam three weeks ago."

NM: April 2018

"I'm done!  Thank you for all the help! :-)  Passed the CSP examination on 23-APR-18."

Carolyn: July 2017

"I wanted to let you know that I passed the CSP exam yesterday.  The CSP review was excellent.  I will recommend it to everyone I know who is trying to pass this very difficult exam!"

Selvakumar: February 2018

"I passed the CSP examination.  Thank you for your course material.  It was very useful in preparing for the exam."

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Occupational Hygiene and Safety Technician

Brooke: July 2016

"I used the OHST study guide and it helped me achieve my OHST. Thank you and keep up the great work."

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Safety Trained Supervisor Construction

Brian: May 2018

"I recently passed the STSC with your software as an integral part of my success..."

Jeremiah: March 2018

"I used your STSC exam study course and it was great! I passed on my first try."

Mike: March 2018

"I passed my STSC examination.  Your program was helpful."

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Safety Trained Supervisor

Philip: March 2018

"I wanted to reach out and say THANK YOU to the DataChem team for such a great software!
I had attempted and failed the STS exam twice before discovering your program. Your program was the only study tool I employed for the last 30 days.  Well, I took the exam today and PASSED! I couldn't have done it without your product!  I will recommend this study tool in the future to any of my peers looking to become STS certified. Keep up the great work!"

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