Safety Trained Supervisor Construction V3.0

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Certification Exam:  The software is designed to prepare the user for the Safety Trained Supervisor Construction (V6) exam that is offered by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP)‚Äč

Program Name:   STSCprep Version 3.0

Year Created:  2006

Last modified:   March 2017

Upcoming Modifications:  None scheduled

Number of Questions:    567

Exam Prep Outline:

STSCprep Version 3.0 is an interactive software program consisting of a database of questions, answers, and explanations that together comprise a system for exam preparation.  The database has over 560 questions in 5 main topic areas.  The 5 main topics are as follows:


  • Safety Program Implementation
  • Hazard Identification and Control
  • Health Hazards and Basic Industrial Hygiene
  • Emergency Preparedness and Management
  • Leadership, Communication and Training



Author:  Phillip J. Nessler, Jr.,  CSP

STSC V3.0 is currently authored by Phillip J. Nessler, Jr., a licensed Professional Engineer and Certified Safety Professional. Mr. Nessler obtained a B.S. in Safety Engineering from Texas A&M University and a M.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from George Washington University.

He has more than 30 years of providing various professional safety and environmental engineering services, project and program management, mishap investigation, emergency mitigation and personnel management. His comprehensive work experience includes:


  • The management of safety, health and environmental programs
  • The application of safety concepts to complex and technical situations to manage risk
  • The interpretation and application of regulations, codes and standards to existing and proposed facilities and operations
  • Project planning, budgeting and implementation
  • Radiation protection program management for ionizing and non-ionizing radiation
  • Investigation of incidents and mishaps to determine root causes
  • Emergency management and incident command 


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