Certified Industrial Hygienist V10.0

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Certification Exam:   Certified Industrial Hygienist certification exam offered by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene (ABIH).

Program Name:   CIHprep V10.0

Year Created:  1993

Last modified:   December 2016

Upcoming Modifications:  None Currently Scheduled

Number of Questions:    2689

Exam Prep Outline:

CIHprep Version 10.0 is an interactive software program consisting of a database of questions, answers, and explanations that together comprise a system for exam preparation. The database has over 2680 questions in 17 main topic areas. The 17 topics are as follows:

  • Air Sampling and Instrumentation
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Basic Science
  • Biohazards
  • Biostatistics and Epidemiology
  • Community Exposure
  • Engineering Controls/Ventilation
  • Ergonomics
  • Health Risk Analysis and Hazard Communication
  • Management and Ethics
  • Noise and Vibration
  • Non-Engineering Controls
  • Radiation/Ionizing
  • Radiation/Nonionizing
  • Thermal Stressors
  • Toxicology
  • Work Environments and Industrial Processes



Author:  Edward K. Stevenson

The CIHprep V10.0 was written/edited by Edward K. Stevenson, MS, CIH (1984 - 2017 retired), CSP (1986 - 2017 retired).  He is an expert in safety and industrial hygiene, with special emphasis in risk assessment, project management, construction safety, quality assurance, confined space programs, noise/vibration control and radiation. . Mr. Stevenson is experienced in high-profile national emergency responses including the BP Gulf Oil Spill Response and the World Trade Center Cleanup Operations as well as high risk health and safety audits of operations such as demilitarization of chemical agents/ weapons and the construction of two 350 MW coal fired electrical power plants at the largest energy producer in Morocco.

Mr. Stevenson is President of EK Stevenson Consulting, based in Florida. Previous to this, he worked for TAQA, United Arab Emirates, Jorf Lasfar Energy Company, Morocco, BP America, Houston, MC252 Deep Water Horizon, LA. and at various positions for Liberty Mutual Insurance Company over a 34 year period including Loss Control Specialist, Industrial Hygienist, Consultant in Acoustics, Consultant in Radiation, Technical Director of Industrial Hygiene and retiring as Director of Industrial Hygiene.

Mr. Stevenson has a MS degree in Industrial Hygiene from Harvard University, a BS from SUNY Albany and an AAS in Engineering Science from Ulster County Community College.

Mr. Stevenson was an Instructor at Harvard University’s Department of Environmental Health and is a member of or has served on the following professional committees: the American Industrial Hygiene Association, American Society of Safety Engineers, AIHA Technical Noise Committee, New England Chapter AIHA Board of Directors and Past President, American Board of Industrial Hygiene, Board of Certified Safety Professionals, Health Physics Society, National Fire Protection Association- NFPA 99 Technical Committee- Piped Medical Gases, ANSI B-11 TR5 Subcommittee- Sound Level Measurement Guidelines for Measuring, Evaluating, Documenting and Reporting Sound Levels Emitted by Machines, Nanotechnology Air Sampling Workgroup, Liberty Mutual Complex and Emerging Risk Review Board.



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