Certified Hazardous Materials Manager

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Certification Exam:   Certified Hazardous Materials Manager certification exam offered by the Institute of Hazardous Materials Management (IHMM).

Program Name:   CHMMprep V5.0

Year Created:  1997

Last modified:   April 2014

Upcoming Modifications:  Update scheduled Fall 2019.  We do not expect significant changes as the published IHMM outline remains the same.  Once completed, the updated CHMMprep V6.0 will be sent to all current users at no charge.

Number of Questions:    1750+

Exam Prep Outline:

  • Planning for Materials with Hazards
  • Shipping Materials with Hazards
  • Storing Materials with Hazards
  • Operations Involving Hazardous Materials
  • Disposition of Materials with Hazards
  • Record Keeping and Reporting
  • Training Personnel
  • Response and Recovery
  • Remediation
  • Management Systems
  • Environmental Studies
  • Health and Safety



Gary Lindgren, BS, MPA, CHMM, CCEP

CHMMprep V5.0 was authored by Gary Lindgren.  Gary has 40 years of direct HSE work experience; in government, consulting, chemical manufacturing, commercial hazardous waste management, and petroleum refining.  Gary has materially participated in the successful acquisition of over a dozen manufacturing facilities in the refining and chemical manufacturing sectors, at market valuation well in excess of $1B. 

Currently, Gary oversees Enterprise Risk and Compliance programs for a holding company with facilities in the Chemical Manufacturing, Petroleum Refining, and Commercial Hazardous Waste Management sectors.  Over his career, he has been Corporate HSE Director for companies in each of those market segments, managing HSE professionals at both the corporate and facility levels.   

Gary is the co-inventor of a hazardous waste treatment apparatus, and has authored several publications, including Managing Industrial Hazardous Waste:  A Practical Handbook published by Lewis Publishers in 1989.  He has taught graduate level courses in HSE management at Indiana University, as an adjunct professor. 

Gary received his B.S. and M.P.A. in Environmental Policy from Indiana University.  Gary is a CHMM and was named a Fellow of the Institute of Hazardous Materials Management in 1986.   Gary is also a Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional (CCEP). 




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