Individual License Installation from a CD

Before Starting the Installation:

  • You will need administrative rights to install and use the program.  See the notes at the end of these instructions for additional information regarding administrative rights.
  • The computer on which you install the program must have a Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10 operating system.
  • The program can only be installed on one computer.
  • The license days you purchased will start the day the license is verified/activated.
  • The first time you access the program you will need internet access.  It may take several minutes as the program verifies the CD key with the system at DataChem’s website.



1.  Put the CD into your DVD/CD drive.

2.  If the DVD/CD drive window opens automatically go to Item 4.

3.  If the DVD/CD drive window Does Not open, access the DVD/CD drive:

                a. Windows 7:  From the Start button → Computer → Select the DVD/CD drive.

                b. Windows 8.1:  Select “This PC” (usually found on one of the tiles) and then the DVD/CD drive.

                c. Windows 10:  From the Start button → File Explorer → This PC → Select the DVD/CD drive.

4.  At the DVD/CD drive select the DataChemInstaller file.  This may take several minutes.

5.  Allow the computer to run the program.

6.  If the computer does not have Microsoft Visual C++, the program will install it.

7.  After Microsoft Visual C++ is installed, the InstallShield Wizard will start.  Follow the prompts on the screen.  We recommend that you keep the default settings in the InstallShield Wizard.

8.  Launch your program from the last InstallShield Wizard window or from the shortcut icon on your desktop.  This may take several minutes.

9.  The next window will ask for the CD Key you received by email to start the program.

10.  Enter the CD Key.  You will need internet access when you submit the CD Key.  If it is a valid CD Key the window will state “Verify Successful”.

11.  Accept the License Agreement and start the program.

12.  You do not need the CD in the computer for the program to run.


Administrative Rights for Installation:  

  • Right click on the DataChemInstaller file on the CD and select Run as Administrator.


Administrative Rights after Installation:  

  • Go to My Computer or This PC and select your Hard Drive: OS(C)
  • Then select your Program Files (x86) or Program Files folder → DataChem Software → Your Program → DataChem (application) file → Right click this file and select Run as Administrator.